Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Math Camp and Orientation

So, math camp might actually sound more exciting than it actually is. There's something about the word "camp" that makes you think of tents, marshmallows, and all around good times. There were none of those things, of course, so I feel like they shouldn't be allowed to use the word "camp" in the title of something so insanely boring. Four hours of linear algebra, vectors, matrices, logarithms, and such. I can't really tell how this is going to apply to statistics, and neither can anyone else. At least we got to do our homework as a group, so it was kind of fun working on something with the other incoming soci students.

And we got to skip today, and we will again tomorrow because we have teaching orientation. Even though teaching orientation sounds like it could be equally lame, it actually wasn't. We were in a small group with all of the Sociology and Anthropology students and a lone Poli Sci guy. It was cool meeting the Anthro kids, even though they're kinda like Soci wannabes. It's okay, they're pretty harmless. Not nearly as argumentative as the Poli Sci punks. (I kid, I kid. =) So, yeah, I have to prepare a 5 minute shpeel on something interesting and Sociology related so I can try out my teaching skills on the other kids in the group. I'm not too worried since we all know I can talk about something with seeming confidence even when I have no clue. And really, I think that's a pretty good asset to have. Well, maybe I'll do a little research before tomorrow morning. All around, it should be pretty fun.

Chad and I are pretty much settled in. Mom and Dad are in town for a couple of days. They delivered some furniture, lamps, etc from Midland and are hanging around for a bit to feed us delicious steakhouse meals, which we appreciate much more than mac 'n cheese (not that there's anything wrong with mac 'n cheese.) So that's been very nice. And now Chad is giving me a hard time for blogging instead of figuring out what I'm going to teach, so I guess I'll go do that.


  1. Too bad about no s'mores- maybe you can convince Chad to make you some at home to make up for it! :)

  2. He totally should! And I'll make sure to tell him it was your idea. =)