Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Where have I been for 2 months?! Well, sadly, I left my camera cord in Nashville between trips, and posting is much less fun without pictures, so I just didn't post at all. A little mean of me to leave you hanging, though!

What am I doing now? Well, I'm back in Nashville and decking the halls of our little duplex. Since I have to be in Nashville for Christmas, I'm making family come here to celebrate, which means this is also the first year I've ever actually been able to decorate for Christmas. That means I'm stretching my creative muscles to accomplish all sorts of feats, like this advent wreath. What was at one point a plain wreath, glass candle holders, last year's candles, pine cones, canned fake snow, and unshatterable ornaments is NOW an awesome advent wreath! Once the goods were purchased, total prep time was 20 minutes.
Christmas Project #1: Advent wreath - success!

What about all those Argentina pictures? Ah, yes, not to worry. I will post stories from Argentina, just as if I were still there. Give me a couple days to sort through my pictures, but here are a few events you can anticipate:

A peak into the French Embassy, a sight seldom granted by the gov't
Our weekend in Santiago during Chile's big victory over Columbia
A vineyard tour in Chile
A tour of downtown Buenos Aires
A culinary tour of Argentine food
A tour of the Casa Rosada ('Pink House,' equivalent to our White House)
Tango show in Buenos Aires
A weekend getaway to the beaches of Uruguay
The US Ambassador's residence
The only form of natural beauty I enjoyed in BA (it's a surprise)