Thursday, August 9, 2012

Apartment Tour

I am always curious about peoples' homes, so it's only fair that I show you mine. We live smack in the middle of busy Brooklyn, in a three-bedroom apartment. The front rooms (dining and living) face the street, with constant traffic noise. I love the colors we chose for these rooms, though.

Yes, the dining room desperately needs a large picture/mirror, but I have a mild phobia of hanging things.

The bookshelf to the left of the keyboard holds Chad's monitor and work supplies, for when he works from home.

The library/office/guest room is connected to the living room and is my sanctuary. I can work on my laptop or read while Cora watches a movie. Yes, I'll admit it, my kid watches movies on a regular basis.

The middle bedrooms (Ewan's and Cora's) have no real windows, just small slits of windows that open into a "light shaft," which is like a really big column of space between buildings, just to allow light and a bit of air. Ewan's room was my craft room/the guest room - and will be again when he can move into Cora's room - that's why the changing table has markers and colored pencils dangling above it and bins piled up on a cart beside it.

Cora's room is the biggest in the apartment because she will share it with Ewan and because the grandparents dote on her through donations of toys and books. I think I'll do a separate post about how I fit all of the kid/baby gear in our small apartment.

The back rooms (kitchen and master) overlook a beautiful backyard and are actually very peaceful. The white-painted tin ceiling, offset by the green ivy on the windows, is my favorite thing to see in the morning.

Let's be honest, the sink and counter are usually piled high with dirty dishes.

Oh, yes, and our teeny bathroom! Two bathroom apartments are pretty rare in this area, so most people squeeze into one small bathroom.

And that's our Brooklyn apartment! I hope you enjoyed the tour. :)