Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Girl Needs Bacon

Our pediatrician informed us that Cora needs to gain weight. She's in the 5th percentile for her age group - nothing like being way on the short of the statistical norm to make you feel like a bad mama!

I came back from my weekly night class to a wonderfully quiet house that smelled...a little greasy. I asked Chad how everything went with Cora and what she ate for dinner. He said, "Tonight went fine. She had 4 pieces of bacon and milk for dinner."

Well, I guess that'll pack on the pounds!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


The Etsy lab is in Brooklyn, a mere hour and fifteen minutes by bus and subway from Hoboken! They offer classes/workshops every Monday night in different crafty things. Yesterday, there was a drawing class, geared especially for people who don't draw. That would definitely be me. So, I took my bus to my subway, and popped up in DUMBO, "Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass," a previously-industrial-renovated-gentrified-and-polished-up-for-wealthy-hipsters area. The Etsy lab is on the 7th floor of these cool warehouse buildings.
The drawing class was surprisingly fun. The artist, Carol, started us off with a left-handed portrait of the person sitting across from us, great because it reduced expectations and introduced us to someone. I lucked out that the guy sitting across from me had lots of easy-to-draw facial hair. The second set of exercises was drawing objects without lifting the pen from the paper. That was hard and I refuse to show any of those, ha.
The third involved taking something we'd drawn in the one-liner exercise, redrawing it, and detailing it with thicker/thinner lines and color. She did a demo of this. After 15 minutes of concentrated effort, I had a rather cute pink elephant to show. All-in-all, pretty fun, and I hope to go back for another Monday craft night at Etsy.