Saturday, August 18, 2007

Last Saturday Before Classwork

Hi there family and friends!
I know I've started blogs before and been bad about keeping them up to date, but I thought I'd give this another shot anyway. So, what's going on in Nashville, you ask? Chad and I are pretty much settled into our two-bedrom apartment. We went for a jog tonight - which ended up being a walk - and we explored the park near our place. It's a massive ciy park with a replica of the Parthenon, yes, like the Greek Parthenon, smack in the middle of everyhing. Apparently, in the early 20th century, Tennessee just up and decided to build temporary replicas of the seven wonders of the world, and the people of Nashville liked their Parthenon so much that they took down the temporary one and put up a permanent one. Tonight, it looked like there was a wedding reception there. In another part of the park, there was a free play - a Shakespeare play of some sort - and in another part there was a town big band dance. I always thought scenes in movies like Sweet Home Alabama where the whole town is out on a wooden dance floor and everyone's dancing like they've been dancing their whole lives was a crock. I though scenes like that couldn't exist! Well, let me tell you, there were over a hundred couple out there dancing like pros. All in all, it seems like these Nashville people sure like their free city stuff! Pretty exciting, and it's all down the street, too.

And on Monday, I start math camp, a week-long intensive math review class with all seven of us incoming Sociology stuents, plus some political science students. So, that should be fun. Yep, and that's Nashville for the moment. Chad and I are both sititng on the couch with our laptops, watching Forrest Gump on TV, so I'm going to put my little computer to sleep, relax, and finish the movie. Heck, maybe I'll even make another post in a few days.
- Morgan


  1. Have you found good Mexican food yet? I worry about that.

  2. Do fried chicken burritos and corn bread quesadillas count?