Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Defrostin' the Freezer

When Karen (the director of graduate studies) asked if someone wouldn't mind defrosting the department freezer, who was the first flunky who volunteered? Yep, that'd be me. So, I brought all my pans and my hairdryer on the bus so I could come up to the department, unplug the freezer, and watch the ice melt. Well, it does pay 40 bucks, and it did get me out of bed before 10, so I guess there are good things. I've also been around to meet people who are coming in (profs and other studetns) to start classes tomorrow. So, I guess there are a bunch of good things about being a flunky, except that I am watching water drip, drip, drip, and this giant yetti block of ice doesn't seem to be getting much smaller.

So, classes start tomorrow. I have Classical Theory from 1:10 to 3:25, and then Thursday I have Statistics from 2:10 to 4:25. And starting next week, I'll have Deviance on Tuesdays from 1:10 to 3:25. Three classes, seems manageable, but I guess we'll see just how manageable they feel this time next week. I'm excited to start, but after watching Chad get like an average of 2 hours of sleep the past few nights, I'm a little more nervous than I was. At least I'm not reading about contracts. Ugh.

The Nashville heat wave broke, so now we're clearing 90 instead of 100, so that's definitely been nice. I can't wait until fall. With all of the massive trees around campus, it's going to be beautiful for sure. Okay, I have to attend to the ice again. I think one of my pans is filling up. I'll let you know how classes go.

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