Monday, July 30, 2012

Fire escape garden

This summer, I decided that I would be a gardener. I live in Brooklyn, so we have to apply the term "garden" pretty loosely, here. The only outdoor space we have is our fire escape. The plants made their way from Lowe's (via my sister's car, very handy to have around), up the stairs, and out the window about two months ago. Just the other day, two little tomatoes finally started to ripen.

I call them Fred and George, and I plan to eat them in a salad very soon.

Now, if you know me, you should be very impressed that this tomato plant is not only alive, but thriving. I generally kill plants quite quickly, but New York has been getting a decent amount of rain, so Mother Nature's helping me out.

I can't in good conscience sit here, bragging about Fred and George, though, because, well, I have to show you the rest of the fire escape garden...

As you can see, tomatoes doing great, basil growing fine, and then there are the carcasses of oregano and parsley... You can also see the empty pot that was going to hold cilantro, but I've never gotten around to it. What you can't see is to the right of the window, begonias and an azalea that died a horribly slow death. Even more annoying than getting plants upstairs and potted outside is getting dead plants into trash bags and downstairs. The neighbors below surely don't appreciate little clods of dirt splatting on their nice, metal deck. Ah, well, at least there's Fred and George, until my salad feast, anyway.

Blog updating note: As you probably noticed, I updated the sidebar to show my professional-ish websites and my profiles for various social media things. I like having all of my "digital selves" in one spot - makes my digital self feel more unified. I have a couple more goals for updating the blog: 1) new design/color scheme, 2) new name - I'm just not diggin' Morgan's Cozy Chair anymore, and 3) maybe a new font too, I like fonts.

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