Monday, December 10, 2007

We bought a Christmas tree!! A real one!! But we got the wrong lights on accident, so once I return those, get the right ones, and we put them up, I'll post our pretty Christmas tree pictures. He doesn't have a name yet. Possibly Herbert? Or maybe something more seasonal/festive would be appropriate.


  1. Naming a tree? O….k.
    Even if you two and…Herbert… are all happy together
    if you don’t come home for Christmas you will both
    loose an unspecified number of limbs.
    Your loving sister-in-law

  2. Shucks, Whit! We were thinking about staying here and feeding ourselves ramen for Christmas, but since you're so gosh darn convincing, we'll come home for you. =)

  3. Yes, really, Grinch. You're just mad because I whipped you so bad at risk. Haha!