Saturday, September 15, 2012

Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 6

While being a mom in NYC is not for the weak, there are certainly some up sides. NYC has some fantastic parks that are free for everyone. (There are also free public pools, but we went once. It was horribly, awfully, sickeningly crowded, like taking a bath with 200 strangers. Never again.)

In an effort to focus on the positive aspects of raising a family here, let's talk about one of awesome parks that we visited over the summer!

First, Pier 6, part of Brooklyn Bridge Park. 30 minutes away, but it's beautiful and has a fantastic view of the city skyline.

Someone spent a good deal of effort in landscaping. You walk through along a path lined with bushes, and on either side, you see little bush-lined pockets of open space that have swings in them. Each pocket has only a few swings, so you can find a covert little area of your own to enjoy the swings. Most of them are the typical infant swings or big kid swings, but in a larger bush-lined pocket, they have these rope swings.

In another area is the "Water Lab," which is a sprinkler miniature water park, great for toddler and pre-school-aged kiddos.

Sadly, we did not have Cora's swimsuit with us, and she was fairly tuckered out from all the swinging anyway. Next summer, though, we will certainly make time for the Water Lab. Heck, even I want to play at the Water Lab.

(Note: The Water Lab closed for the season after Labor Day.)

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