Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Colorful New Apartment

My amazing sister slept on our couch for two weeks (!) so she could be here to help pack, paint, and babysit. Let's just say she has a great, big IOU coupon coming in the mail!

I've moved many times, so the packing isn't very exciting, but the painting, now that was exciting. The new apartment has three spaces, which we're using as living, dining, and library, separated by decorative, flat arches. The ceiling of the living room has an impressed tin ceiling that was painted white. We knew we wanted to accentuate the arches and the tin ceiling and that we wanted color. This is terribly mean of me, but I'm not posting pictures of the actual rooms just yet. Once I clear out the boxes, I'll post pictures. In the meantime, here are the colors from the Benjamin Moore Historic Colors line:

Living Room, Wythe

Library, Stratton

Dining Room, Georgian Brick

And then for the master bedroom, which also has a decorative, impressioned tin ceiling, we went with Rockport Gray.

Pictures of the actual rooms coming sometime, but unpacking with a baby is a little slow-going!

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