Monday, September 14, 2009

A series of updates

1. We're having a girl!

Well, this sonogram photo doesn't exactly distinguish her gender or her from any other baby's sonogram, but you can take my word for it.

2. We've moved to a duplex.

Living on the 10th story of an apartment building was doable for two years, but I didn't much like the idea of hauling baby and groceries through a parking lot and up an elevator or hauling baby and laundry down an elevator to the laundry room. Now our cars are parked three feet from our back door, and we have our own washer/dryer. We're kinda like real adults now.

3. I have a Masters degree in Sociology from Vanderbilt.

This also means I'm on the hunt for online employment, preferably editing or writing. I'm applying to a variety of places, but nothing yet. I'll probably do some travel writing while in Buenos Aires and see if I can get something accepted. Clearly, the masters in sociology may not pay off in the immediate future. It's not helping me find a job, and it will only screw up the way I raise a little girl.

4. Chad has a job in New York.

Chad will start at the firm "sometime" in 2011. That could be January 2011 ooor October 2011. We'll likely stay in Nashville until a few months before the TBA start date, but once we move to New York, we might be there as long as five years.

5. Chad's in Buenos Aires now, and my flight leaves this Thursday. I'll do my best to blog a bit while I'm there and post some pictures. Man, life changes quickly. Or, I should say, rapidamente.

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