Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nap Time

Well, I hit a new low. Our graduate studies director, Karen, offered to take our cohort out for drinks at the local pizza joint (called "The Mellow Mushroom" and decorated with little 'shrooms playing instruments. Yes, it was established in the 70's). I was back in my lonely, quiet office by 5:30 pm, and I convinced myself that I was going to do Statistics homework while I was waiting for Chad to finish up at the law school at 7:00. I had my computer open, my music going, and my stats book in hand. At 6:30, I woke up with a major back cramp, marks on my face, and a little creek of drool flowing out of my mouth. I guess a couple beers really did me in, lol... (and my family just laughs...) Well, my office desk is fully christened now. I think I'll call it Adams, for my buddy Sam Adams. I won't lie, the nap was pretty refreshing (all things considered), and I guess it had to happen sometime this semester.


  1. Ah!, the glorious days of graduate school. Think I could get into a Vanderbildt program? dad

  2. yeah, dad, you could go hang out with the philosophy kids and ask silly questions like, 'if two birds are flying at each other at the speed of 20 mph and they smack into each other and vanish into thin air, has there been a creation of matter?' and all the philosophy kids would rub their pointy beards, you could go take a nap on your desk. genius.