Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Steven Colbert taking presidential mockery to new level

Steven Colbert is running for president in 2008. No, seriously. Even USA Today and the Associated Press are even documenting it.

The second video shows him announcing his candidacy.

He says he'll enter the primary of South Carolina, his home state. Okay, I have to admit, it is kind of hilarious. I mean, Colbert in a debate with other presidential candidates would be pretty darn entertaining. But it totally undermines the seriousness of the presidential race. If he's in a debate that all of the other candidates are taking seriously, and he's just cracking jokes, it will be all the more difficult for voters to keep in mind the gravity of electing a president.

But if he does actually run, enter the debates, and hold out through the end of the primaries, I hope he at least takes some good jabs at Hilary.

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